Box 159
Delburne, AB T0M 0V0

Residential Properties

Foundation Bed
Front Yard landscaping with a foundation bed and wide sidewalk
Mass planting on perennials and shrubs in a rock garden. Dragon's Blood, Sedum Acre, Goldmound Spirea
Foundation Bed of Shrubs & Perennials. Rock Wall doesn't define the bed. Artificial Turf
Paving stone steps provide a nice access along the side yard.
Back Yard Patio tiered with Rock Walls, Perennials, Shrubs & Trees
Wrap around steps off the deck lead you into a yard landscaped with rock walls (Barkman Dimensional), trees, shrubs & perennials
Front yard landscaping with stepping stones leading you to the back yard. I-con edgers create a smooth easy to mow border.
A patio elevated by rock walls with garden stairs leading into the yard.
Rock wall and garden stairs provides a smooth transition in elevation from the house to the yard.
Back Yard Landscaping with a tiered patio. Garden Box for vegetables and a lattice for grapes.
The garden shed is integrated into this back yard landscape. Rock Wall (Barkman Dimensional).
Garden Boxes are a feature in this back yard landscape.

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