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Residential Properties

Dianthus & Sedium Acre in Bloom
Back Yard Patio tiered with Rock Walls, Perennials, Shrubs & Trees
Foundation Bed
Front Yard landscaping with a foundation bed and wide sidewalk
The patio off of the house leads a person into the yard to enjoy a fire on a patio that is set at a bottom of a slope that is enhanced by a rock wall.
Enjoy a fire on this patio while listening to a Waterfall spill out from the Rock Wall.
Foundation Bed of Shrubs & Perennials. Rock Wall doesn't define the bed. Artificial Turf.
Paving stone steps provide a nice access along the side yard.
Wrap around steps off the deck lead you into a yard landscaped with rock walls (Barkman Dimensional), trees, shrubs & perennials
Front yard landscaping with stepping stones leading you to the back yard. I-con edgers create a smooth easy to mow border.
The garden shed is integrated into this back-yard landscape. Rock Wall (Barkman Dimensional).
The garden shed is nestled into the corner with rock walls and shrub beds.
Rock Walls turn a flat yard into one with multiple levels and shrub beds with grade changes.
Rock Walls, Garden Stairs and Patio has turned this sloped yard into an enjoyable garden. Barkman Bridgewood Slabs adds a wooden texture to the patio.
Stepping Stones leads you from the deck to the patio in the back yard that is surrounded by rock walls, trees, shrubs & perennials.
Back Yard Landscaping with a tiered patio. Garden Box for vegetables and a lattice for grapes.
Rock wall and garden stairs provides a smooth transition in elevation from the house to the yard.
A hillside is an opportunity to use rock walls to create an area for a patio that sits among the shrubs & perennials.
A patio doesn’t need to be big to sit amongst your garden, while enjoying a pleasant Autumn day.

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