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How can I make my yard attractive year round?

Our designs extend the season dramatically, if not year-round through the use of plant material, hardscape features and landscape lighting.

A primary way to extend the season is through your plant material. Winter Interest may be designed into the landscaping by selecting plants that have evergreen foliage (i.e. Spruce, Junipers), foliage that holds well in snow (i.e. Ornamental Grasses), attractive bark colour (i.e. Amur Cherry Tree, Dogwoods), fruits that attracts birds (Crabapple, Cranberries), and/or plants that are attractive with hoarfrost (Laurel Leaf Willow, Goldmound Spirea).

Hardscape features such as rock walls add dimensions to the landscape and patios are an attractive hotspot on sunny days in the early spring and late fall.

Landscape lighting beautifully accents the house and landscape whether it is our warm summer nights or our early winter evenings.    



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