Box 219
Delburne, AB T0M 0V0

Minimal Maintenance

Enjoy your beautiful yard with landscaping that is low maintenance.

A no lawn back yard garden with 10mm pathways leading you through the yard of vegetable boxes and shrub/perennial beds
A rock wall creates a level area for a patio and perennials beds in the front yard
Dimensional Steps leading down to a back yard patio of Dimensions 12 Tofino Pavers surrounded by garden walls (dimensional wall)
Paving Stone Patio, ROX Garden Rock Wall and Mass Planting of Perennials
Front yard with a shrub bed foundation bed framing the house and porch
Mass Planting of perennials. Sedum Acre, Carpet Bellflowers and Dianthus
Garden shed surrounded by rock walls nestled into the corner of the yard
Grande Flagstone slabs creates a textured patio where a firepit sits in the middle
Rock wall foundation planting
Mass planting of perennials of Dianthus, Carpet Bellflowers, Asters and Pansies
Dog park is enjoyed by everyone with a patio to watch dogs run and play on wooden structures.  Artificial turf makes this a low maintenance park.
Minimal maintenance front yard with artificial turf and a rock wall foundation bed
Front yard foundation bed with Golden Nugget and Concorde Barberry
Low maintenance shrub bed of Blue Chip Junipers and Goldflame Spirea.
Doesn’t matter how small your front yard is, the landscaping adds to the beauty of your home.
These garden boxes become an attractive landscape feature for this corner of the yard.
Garden stairs made with treated timbers and 10mm limestone compacted.
Entrance Way - Dry Creek Bed
Artificial Turf replaces the poorly growing grass under this tree. Rock wall and boulders add character to this corner of the yard.
The hammock pad is leveled with a rock wall and surrounded by trees, shrubs and perennials.
Landscaping of a Garden Shed
A shady corner can be very attractive with the right plants. Add some Ligularia, Hostas and Creeping Jenny to the bed.
A tiered flagstone paver patio turns a sloped yard into an enjoyable outdoor living space.

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